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“It’s exciting to help someone realize their dream in moving to
this area."

If you notice someone running in St. James, it just might be resident John Dorazio.  An avid runner, John runs 4-5 miles at least three times a week.  To celebrate his birthday every year, he takes on a 10K for fun.  John spent his career on the move, too.  While working for an international telecommunications company where he spent the bulk of his professional life, he made nine moves over 25 years including a stint in London.

Born in Washington, DC, he and his wife Mary Jayne moved to the area in 2013 and launched his real estate career.  “Although I spent most of my career n finance, my real love has always been sales.  I have two former colleagues who are RE/MAX agents in other markets.  They both encouraged me to get my license.  It’s the best advice I’ve ever gotten!”

John particularly likes working with buyers.  “It’s exciting to help someone realize their dream in moving to this area.  Finding the right house that is right for their needs is fulfilling for me.”  John is sold on the energy at the RE/MAX Southern Coast office, too.  “The agents are eager to help each other and work as a team.  It is a strong office, both financially and in leadership expertise.”  

His wife, Mary Jayne has a background in interior design and he often brings her in to consult with clients on the possibilities of a property.  “She’s my secret weapon.  She can turn dull into fantastic.”  The couple has two sons.